Feedback: total laser hair removal, 6 years of feedback

Ruchika Karnani is a young American youtuber who tells us, in a video, her feedback on laser hair removal. She has relatively dark skin, being of Indian descent.

Duration and sustainability of treatment

She started in college and it lasted two years. Sessions were spaced regularly

She has to have repeat sessions regularly.

The youtuber says that practitioners have different uses, different preferences. So choosing the right provider is important.

The fact that her hair is thick and black made the treatment more effective (which is logical: there is more melanin to heat).


Laser hair removal is said to be very “hormone dependent”, so the treatment would be less effective if you are too young.

She reminds us of several precautions to follow when undergoing laser hair removal:

  • Do not remove hair between sessions: the hair growth cycle must not be disturbed. However, you should shave before the sessions.
  • Do not do sports or other activities that cause a lot of sweat 24 hours after the treatment. The skin is irritated, the follicles are open, you must give your skin time to heal.
  • Limit sun exposure before and after treatment
  • Alert the practitioner of the presence of tattoos. Indeed, it can cause serious burns, the ink absorbing the laser and heating.
  • More generally, communicate with the practitioner, for example to warn if you are in pain, to avoid burns.

Side effects

She says she has experienced the paradoxical regrowth: previously inactive follicles, near the treated areas, began to produce hair: the back of the shoulders and elbow. It is nevertheless repairable.

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